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Lets Celebrate Spring by Getting Green

Spring has finally sprung and its time to celebrate the garden season with your family!  This doesn’t mean to start a 20 foot garden by the end of the month, just start small. If you don’t have the garden space you can still plant inside.
Starting seeds indoors is a great way to get our minds thinking spring.  Tomatoes, peppers, and herbs are all something you can grow inside.  Whether its just in pots, hanging plants, or even window boxes.  You may kill off a few before you get the hang of it so do not get discouraged.  Adding what you’ve grown to your favorite recipe is extremely satisfying, and there’s no easier way to eat local!  If planting isn’t for you make sure to visit farmers markets and/or a local garden.



How to Make the Change

Here is what we suggest to change this month:

green arrow for changePlan a garden, start seeds indoors, visit a garden/farmers market

Why garden or purchase from farmers markets? Farms in this area lead the state in direct food sales with $1.3 million dollars in sales. Yet, local food sales only account for about 1 percent of the total food purchased.  Local food is fresh and not only good for our family, but for our community.  Keeping our money in our communities can assure that our dollars will stay here and help the community grow.  Not only that but buying local is good for our environment.  If we purchase local or grow our own food we reduce the carbon footprint and our food can go straight from farm to table.


Sponsor of the Month

This month one lucky family from each community will receive seeds!